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Empire Salon is not actively hiring....

....but please read on.  We are always interested to hear from you if you can see yourself being part of the DREAMTEAM!

Empire Salon’s mission is to create an exceptional salon experience for the client with creative, passionate, and education-driven staff in a fun and energetic environment.  Unlike some other high-end salons, Empire Salon believes that these are the keys to providing the ultimate experience in client services.


Our goals are to ensure that each and every experience goes above and beyond the client’s expectations.  We strive to create an environment with passionate staff that are vibrant, team-focused, and expertly trained in the areas of services and client relations.  We seek team members who have a strong love for the industry and a passion for education.  We are community driven, and strive to compliment other businesses in the local community.


If you ever have visited Empire Salon, you’ve probably noticed a different vibe as soon as you walk in.  You can tell that we truly love working together!  Our team-focused environment strongly reflects that.  A team is who we are; it’s our identity.   We are looking for stylists that understand the importance of being part of something bigger than themselves.  This is the Empire DREAMTEAM.


We proudly announce that we operate under a team-based system.   This concept is something that is different than your regular salon.   You may ask how we do that?  Here it is:  we compensate staff hourly as opposed to commission - and we compensate them very well!  With the old commission system, stylists are only rewarded for their individual performance.   That only promotes individuality, and limits the overall growth of the team.  With our team-based system, you share the success of the team - and we have a very successful team!   With this system your opportunities for advancement are endless, education on the latest trends is mandatory, and your earning potential is limitless.  With emphasis on a team environment, we are able to provide the best possible experience for each and every single one of our clients, while we are able to provide our staff with personal satisfaction at the end of the day!

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to Even though we aren’t always hiring, we always love to hear from people who are interested in being part of the DREAMTEAM!  If we are hiring, we will be posting the ad below here (as well as to social media) – so be sure to keep stopping by this page!


We look forward to hearing from you!

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